NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals Brainerd, MN – Pre Race Report

NHRA® Team Report

NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals – Brainerd, Minn.

Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon and team took the Snap-on Toyota to task at a match race before Brainerd, and it performed the way they plan for it to in the weekend ahead. “This top 10 position feels really good heading into the Playoffs. The car is doing just what we need it to do to move up in the standings in the next two critical races,” Cruz says. “We’ll take it a round at a time. But, running a 3.92 and a 3.93 before getting here has us in a good spot mentally and right where we want to be with our tuning.”

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks says, “We’re ready to get a couple of rounds under our belt and qualify in the top five. As a team, we know we’ve got the Snap-on Toyota right where we want it. Cruz is feeling good, and so are we.”

This weekend, the Snap-on Toyota will be sporting its traditional paint scheme on the “El Jefe” body. Cruz’s El Guapo, the handsome one, body had some nose damage after a trip to the sand earlier this year. Cruz says the team is looking forward to the car living up to its name as “the chief.” To get a feel for what it’s like to go 322 mph in The Snap-on Toyota, check out Cruz’s recent video here.

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