NHRA New England Nationals Epping NH – Pre Race Report

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New England Nationals – Epping, NH

Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon is headed to the New England Nationals encouraged by a career best run in Kansas where a 3.88-second run at 326 and an earlier 3.92 at 324 showed more of what he believes the team and Snap-on Toyota are capable of. “The team is committed to ‘smart’ racing, getting the car down the track consistently and closer to that first win of the season,” Cruz says. “After these really good recent passes, we’re excited to see what the Snap-on Toyota can do for the crowd at Epping and the great NHRA fans watching on FOX.”

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks agrees that the team is doing what it takes to get the Snap-on Toyota running its best for Cruz, “In spite of the weather we had in Kansas, we were able to get two really good runs out of the car, and we’re expecting to do the same or better in the cool, damp conditions we think we’ll see in Epping. This car used to perform best on a hotter track, but with the updates we’ve made, we know it can run well no matter the conditions.”

Name on the side of Cruz’s car – Epping

If you check the side of Cruz’s car this weekend you’ll see that this week’s Nitro Franchisee is Andrew Lazear. He’s had his franchise four-and-a-half years and says he enjoys selling what he calls “the best brand.” Andrew’s first time at the track was four years ago, and he thought it was “absolutely incredible” and a “different kind of beast” than any other racing he’d seen. He’ll be here with us this weekend, but most of his time away from work is spent on a diamond. He played baseball in college and practiced with the minors…now he’s coaching his children’s teams. He’ll be spending time with Cruz in his pit and will have some family members and Snap-on customers here with him Sunday.

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