NHRA Winter Nationals – Pomona Pre-Race Report

NHRA® Team Report
NHRA Winternationals – Pomona
Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon’s team is kicking off the 2017 NHRA season with big news – the hiring of
Aaron Brooks as the team’s crew chief. Cruz is taking off his tuning hat for the first time in years and focusing on his favorite things, driving the Snap-on Toyota Funny Car and spending more time with fans.

“I’ve known of Aaron and his talent for a long time…especially his love of Funny Cars,” says Cruz. “He and I talked years ago about it. He’s had success in his recent work, and I really appreciate how detail-oriented he is, especially about the aesthetics. The cars he’s worked on are all well-built works of art with strong performance.

“He and the team have been working long hours, as the other teams have been, getting ready for testing and the upcoming season. We’ve done a complete overhaul of the Snap-on Toyota, going over every inch of the program, blending my team members with some of Aaron’s, and I’ve bought a lot of new equipment. We’re going to be looking good, because we’ve built what we need to contend and win.”

Before coming to the team, Brooks used many of the same engine components as Cruz, but he says fans will see a different running Snap-on Toyota this season. “We’re expecting it to be a top tier car this year,” says Brooks. “We plan on doing what it takes to go rounds, especially since we have all our resources going into one car. It’s fun knowing Cruz will be spending more time on things he considers important, mainly getting into the driver’s seat and spending more time with NHRA fans.”

On the Side of Cruz’s Car – Pomona
Check out Cruz’s car this weekend and you’ll see the name of area Snap-on Franchisee Mike Udell. He’s been a Snap-on Franchisee for 10 years and says his love of tools during his motorcycle mechanic days led him to look at Snap-on as a business he could own. He still rides his dirt bike, but he’s added fishing into the mix of his outdoor activities. Mike’s met Cruz in the past and is looking forward to bringing some of his “fanatic” racing friends to the track with him this weekend to hang out with Cruz in the pit and watch the Winternationals.

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