Toyota NHRA Sonoma Nationals – Somoma, CA – Pre Race Report

NHRA® Team Report

NHRA Nationals – Sonoma, CA

Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon is feeling momentum heading into Sonoma. “Our trip to the semi-finals last weekend demonstrates that things are coming together for the Snap-on Toyota. It’s really exciting for us to be in a Playoff spot, and we’re good with the plan we have for returning to sea level after Denver,” Cruz says. “I always look forward to being back in the state where I grew up and am excited about visiting the Oakland Raiders Team Camp Monday after this weekend’s race. We’d love it if some of those guys would come out to the track and watch the pros in our sport before heading out to the practice field. We have a lot of fun when the NHRA works with us to pay a visit to the Team Camp each year.” Cruz is such a dedicated Oakland fan, he plans to unveil a new Raiders helmet later this season in Indy.

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks says, “We had a little nose damage on the El Guapo body after hitting the sand, so fans will be seeing El Jefe in Sonoma. Everything is running well with the tune up, and we’re expecting great things for the fans at the track and those watching at home on FOX.”

On the side of Cruz’s car –

If you’ll check the side of Cruz’s car this week, you’ll see the name of Snap-on Nitro Franchisee Phil Agnew. Phil was in consumer finance before starting his Snap-on franchise, and he says the two businesses actually have more in common than you’d think. But, he says he likes running his own business, and that’s why Snap-on is a good fit for him. Phil and Cruz have done a “Grill & Chill” event together with his customers, and he says he’ll have some of them here with him at the race this weekend. When he’s not at the track or running his Snap-on franchise, Phil is spending time with his family or doing mountain, road or cyclocross cycling.

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